How does SSP compare with alternative playground floor coverings?

SSP: SSP has been tested and approved by the NATA. It is easy to install, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective. SSP reduces water puddles due to its high absorption capability, does not clump when wet, its break down rate is much  slower than bark, does not cause abrasions, and is not subject to heat.  Click here to view the NATA accreditation          
Bark: Some bark mulches are certified soft falls but you should make sure that you can be issued with a current certificate meeting the latest Aust/NZ Standards.  Bark is a decomposing product, turning into dirt and dust.  It’s breaking down rate is far greater.  SSP is made from the inner parts of the tree and therefore takes a lot longer to degrade.  The sizes of bark pieces are not consistent and have sharp pointy edges, these can easily hurt children.  Bark can be less than 10mm in length but they can also be thick in size, this then can cause a child to choke if eaten.  Bark doesn’t draw in water if it rains, it sits on top of water and floats, when you get a good soaking most of the bark floats right out of the park.  The quality of bark products changes from load to load so you never get the same consistency.
Sand: Sand can cause abrasions when a child falls, it’s difficult to walk on and when wet it clumps which affects the cushioning potential.  Children can pick it up and throw it into children’s eyes, it can also blow around and get into children’s eyes.  Sand is abrasive on play equipment too, making it costly to repair and sand can get hot to walk on.
Rubber: These can cause abrasions and burn marks on young skin, they retain heat and make it to hot to walk or play on.  They are toxic if set on fire and are harmful to those who breathe in the smoke.  They also smolder keeping fire brigades from other life saving duties.  UV rays and frost can break down the compounds lessening the impact absorption.  They are very expensive to install and usually has to be done by a professional. It is also hard to replace a section if damaged.